Thursday 29 August 2013

Toasted Traffic Lights by Wendy Kwan

Toasted Traffic Lights
4 Quail eggs
Seaweed flakes
4 tsp mayonnaise
2 cherry tomato, cut into slices
4 slices white bread, cut off the edges
½ Japanese cucumber, cut into slices and into circles using a round cutter
1.    Cut 1 slice of bread into half.
2.    Cut 3 circles (used a round cutter) on 1 half of the bread.
3.    Spread mayonnaise on the 2 half of the bread.
4.    Place the 2 half together.
5.    Place a cherry tomato on the top circle.
6.    Place 1 quail egg on the middle circle.
7.    Place a cucumber round on the last circle.
8.    Sprinkle with seaweed flakes on the side of the bread.
9.    Toast the bread until turn golden brown.
10.  Ready to serve.

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