Tuesday 9 April 2013

Cupcake Frosting Tips by Karen Yee

Cupcake Frosting Tips by Karen Yee

" I support Lorna's Swiss Meringue buttercream. I also swear by that and cream Cheese Frosting. Both are stable and hold shape very well. Though dairy whip cream is still my personal favourite frosting, it is so difficult to hold unless you add gelatine as stabalizer. But still it cannot withstand room temp as well as the other 2 types.

As for non-dairy whip cream, I personally cannot tahan the taste no matter what flavouring I add to it....esp the red man brand, so that one is entirely out. American buttercream is beautiful to frost and easy to make but taste like pure sugar paste which is overpowering. Perhaps that is the buttercream that Colin tried and that is why it is super sweet. I tried folding dairy whip cream to mascarpone cheese....the effect is awesome in terms of taste, texure and shape. But the dairy whip cream must be beat till very stiff then fold into the mascarpone cheese.

However, because there is whip cream, I will not recommend it to be at room temp for more than an hour. In terms of sweetness, I personally find store bought cupcakes still using rather sweet frostings no matter what. So all frostings I make for my own cupcakes are less sweet. The sweetness has to compliment the cake I feel besides looking great."

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