Tuesday 10 March 2015

Yong Tau Foo (Hong Kah North Sg50 Masterchef Cooking Competition) by Rontree Chan

Yong Tau Foo (5 different types for 4 servings) 


1 piece Boneless Chicken Thigh ( remove skin and fat) ( C)
200g Minced Pork (D,E,F)
8 pieces Tiger Prawn ( remove shell and devein) (B)
1 pack Unicurd tofu puff (E)
1 pack Unicurd Tau Kwa (F)
1 pack Fish paste (B,C,F)
20 pieces Sweet Thai Basil Leaves ( finely chopped) (C )
1 Egg White ( divide to 3 portions for B, C and F)
100g Soy Bean (A)
100g Ikan Bilis (A)
1 piece Lady's Finger (Blanched and cut to 2cm length) (E)
1 piece Bitter Gourd (D)
3 pieces Shitake Mushroom ( diced) (D,E,F)
5 pieces Water Chestnut (diced) (D,E,F)
some Spring Onion for garnish ( finely chopped)

light soy sauce
Hua Diao Chinese Wine
Sesame Oil
Chicken Powder
Corn Starch
white pepper powder

(A) Yong Tau Foo Soup 
 Lightly fried the ikan bilis, cooled and pound to small pieces put in a filter bag.
Boil 8 bowls of water with soy beans and ikan bilis for 1-2 hrs.
Add some salt and pepper to taste.
The soup will get sweeter After cooking (B),( C) and (F) in it.

(B) Prawn Ball ( place the prawn in cold running water for 1-2 hr)
Minced 1/2 of the prawns finely and dice 1/2 of the remianing prawns.
add 1 TBsp of Fish paste, pinch of salt, sugar and pepper,some egg white
and 1 Tsp of corn flour.
Mix well till gluey. Use palm to scoop paste and throw back to mxing bowl a few
times to increase its springy texture. Use a spoon and shape to ball.
Blanch in soup for around 2-3 mins( depending on its size).
Dish out place in a bowl of warm soup, set aside.

(C) Basil Chicken Ball
Cut chicken thigh to dice size. Repeatedly chop on it to give it a rough minced
texture. ( not too fine like minced chicken meat)
Add Finely chopped basil leaves, 1 tsp salt, 2.5tsp sugar, some egg white, 2 TBsp
fish paste, 1 tsp Hua Diao Wine, 1/2 tsp chicken powder and 1 tsp corn flour
Mix well till gluey. Use palm to scoop paste and throw back to mxing bowl a few
times. Use 2 spoons to shape it to quenelle (dumpling shape).
Blanch in soup for around 5 mins.
Dish out place in a bowl of warm soup, set aside.

(D) Bitter Gourd with Minced Pork 

(E) Tau Pok (Tofu Puff) with Minced Pork 

(F) Tau Kwa with Minced Pork

 Minced Pork Paste
~ 200g minced pork, add in diced mushroom, water chestnut, 2 Tsp sugar,
1 Tsp salt, Hua diao wine, sesame oil, 1/2 tsp chicken powder and corn flour
Mix Well and stir in one circular motion till achieving gluey texture.
~ Split to 3 portions for D, E and F

(D) Cut Bitter Gourd to 5cm length, then cut into 2 or 3 parts of 2.5 cm width.
Use a spoon to scrap the white internal part. Rub with salt and leave for 20 mins.
Wash bitter gourd with water and pat dry with kitchen towel.
Rub a little corn flour on it surface then top with seasoned minced pork.
Dap the both sides of the minced pork( the joining edges between bitter gourd
and minced pork) with a little corn flour.
Sent for deep fry for around 3mins. Dish out set aside.

(E) Cut a hole on the tau pok( Tofu puff) , gently reverse it inside out.
Fill it 3/4 with minced pork paste. Use finger to dig a hole in it then place the
cooked lady's finger vertically on it. Fill with more minced pork.
Try to close up the opening and use 2 palms to shape into ball.
Sent for deep fry for around 5mins. Cut into half to serve.

(F) Add the remaining egg white into minced pork paste and mix well.
Add a little for corn flour if it is too wet. Set aside.
Use 1 piece of Tau kwa. Cut into quarterly to 4 pieces and section cut to 1cm
Thick. Dap dry with kitchen towel and sear it till golden brown with little oil
in a non stick pan. Dish out and cool it. Cut and use a spoon to dig a square hole
on its surface. Top with minced pork paste. Blanch in soup for around 3 mins.
Dish out set aside.

To Serve, put all yong tau foo [B] [C] [D] [E] and [F] in a bowl with spring onion
in it. Pour in hot soup [A] through a strainer and serve immediately.