Monday 15 April 2013

Hokkaido Bread Recipe by Nina Resis

NOTE: I ratio it to 300g flour to fit my Pullman tin

Hokkaido milk 204ml (1 small pack)
Bread flour 300g
Sugar 25g
Instant yeast 3g
Salt 6g
Unsalted Butter 15g

1. Following my Zoji Breadmaker’s procedures, Add milk, flour, sugar, yeast and salt, let machine knead for the first 8 min then add butter and restart machine to knead for another 8 min.
2. Knead by hand for a further 5min or so to achieve the ‘window pane’ stage.
3. Oil bowl with butter, let dough proof for 60 min in a warm environment.
4. ‘Belly-Button Test’ to ascertain dough has obtained optimal proofing.
5. Weigh and divide into 3 balls, let rest for 10 min, covered.
6. Shape into ‘Swiss-roll’ balls and place into Pullman tin for 2nd proof.
7. Proof dough for another 60 min or 80% filled.
8. Bake at 200 degree Celsius for 40 min with lid.
9. Unmold and let bread loaf cool completely before slicing and store.

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