Sunday 11 August 2013

Japanese Steamed Cake by Angel Wan

Japanese Steamed Cake

Recipe is adapted from Junko Book

Ingredients (1 recipe yield  8 steamcakes)

Pancake mix 200g
Egg  2 (Medium size)
Sugar 60g
Plain yoghurt 60g
Milk 60g
Melted butter 30g
Some cake flour for the piping patterns


1. Lightly whisk egg in a mixing bowl  add in sugar and beat till the sugar dissolve using a hand whisk.
2. Add in yoghurt and milk and mix well.
3. Fold in sifted pancake mix and mix well.
4. Lastly fold in the melted butter and mix well. (Do not overmix it.)
5. Refer  to pattern batter method (**)
6. Lined baking cups with baking paper and pour in the remaining cake batter till 70% full. Bang on table a few times to let out the air bubbles before you pipe the pattern on.
7. Steam on low heat for 12 - 15mins.

(*make sure the water in steamer is boiling with steam before you steam the cakes.)

 **Pattern batter:
- Use 2 tsp of cake batter with 1 tsp of sifted cake flour and mix well, add in colouring mix them till well and put the batter into a piping bag or you can make your own piping bag by using baking paper.

- Repeat the above steps till you got all the colours you want.

- From my own experience, if you are using just a bit of colour for certain patterns just use 1 tsp of batter with half a tsp of cake flour.

- You can use green tea powder/cocoa powder to achieve dark green or dark cocoa colour but skip cake flour if you are using green tea or cocoa powder.

 - For strawberry pattern, i use edible colour ink to dot on the seeds pattern after the steam is done. you can mix abit of cocoa powder with a little hot water to form a paste and use a very fine brush to draw them on too.  

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