Tuesday 20 August 2013

Peach Konnyaku Cake by Lily Chua

Peach Konnyaku Cake – Recipe from Alex Goh Creative Making of Cakes Book

Top Ingredients

A 950ml water
B 160g sugar and 1 pkt Konnyaku powder
C 1/8 tsp citric acid
D 2 drops Peach colouring 2 drops Peach flavor (I replaced with orange)
E Peach slices

9 inch round mould
A Pot and a wooden spatula for stirring.

Top method
1. Mix (B) then add to (A) and stir constantly till well blended in a pot. Then bring it to the boil.
2. Add (C) and (D) mix will evenly blended.
3. Arrange (E) on the bottom of the round mould. Pour the above konnyaku syrup onto it and let it set.

Base ingredients
A 800 ml milk (I used 750ml)
B 180g sugar and 1 pkt Konnyaku powder
C 40 g cornflour and 100 ml water

Base Method
1. Mix (B), add into (A) and mix till well blended and bring it to the boil. Add the premixed (C) slowly and continue to cook till mixture thickens. Please stir constantly to avoid burning the bottom.
2. Pour it onto the peach konnyaku and let it cool and refrigerate. (I used a fan to cool it and put in the fridge)
3. Remove from mould and serve cold.

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