Thursday 29 August 2013

Mung Bean Sweet Soup / Tau Suan by Kenneth Goh

Mung Bean Sweet Soup/ Tau Suan
The dessert were prepared using splitted mung beans.  
The preparation is simple. Just put the mung beans in the rice cooker and used the porridge or soup function to cook until soft.
Thereafter, add in sugar to taste and starch to thicken the dessert.
It should be noted that it is the simplified method by using rice cooker and traditionally, the beans are soaked for 3-4 hours, steamed until soft and make the starchy solution.
As a rule of thumb, you can follow this simplified ratio and adjusted accordingly to suit your taste.
Mung bean (绿豆瓣): water = 100g : 1 liter of water
Thickening starch solution:
Starch : water = 40 g : 100 ml
Choice of starch:
Ideally, the starch should be water chestnut starch (马蹄粉). However, you can also use sweet potato starch (番薯粉),potato starch (土豆粉/马铃薯粉) and wheat starch (澄粉/汀粉) Other starch like corn flour (玉米粉)and tapioca flour (薯粉)can also be used but it may turned watery if you can't consume on time.
Coloring of tau suan
The coloring can be darkened if you caramelized the sugar used for sweetening.
Texture of tau suan
Some rice cooker porridge function can be rather strong. After 15 minutes of cooking, you may want to have a look at the tau suan and see how is the textures. As long as you get your desired texture, quickly add in the starch and sugar and off the heats
For more detail pictorial illustration and recipes, you can follow this link

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