Friday 23 August 2013

Italian Focaccia by William Woo

Italian Focaccia


Artisan Flour - 500 g
Instant Yeast - 10 g
Salt - 8 g
Cold Water - 310 g
EVOO - 30 g
Mix Herbs - 2 g
Slice black olives - 30 g (optional)


 Mix all ingredients except mix herbs n black olives until dough is well develop. On spiral mixer should be 5 mins on slow speed n 3-4 on medium speed.
At low speed slowly add herbs n olives till blended in...abt 1 min.
Rest the dough for 45 mins.
Roll to square & put it into a 12"x12" bake tray.
Allow it to proof for about 45-60 mins or until almost double in size.
Use ur finger and lightly poke randomly on the proof dough to give the focaccia it's unique 'dent'.
Give the dough another light brush of EVOO (xtra virgin o.oil). Sprinkle mix herbs.
Bake at 200C for about 25-30 mins.
Cool and served.

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