Wednesday 14 August 2013

Macarons By Grace Tan

- 2 large room temperature egg white
- 5 tablespoon of caster sugar
To beat into meringue.
- 1/2 cup of grounded almond powder
- 1 cup of icing sugar
Blend both items again with food processor and sieve 2x before use.
1) Do not under mix or over mix when combining the wet n dry mixture. Once reach lava consistency, mixture is ready.
2) Let the Macarons to air dry at least 20-30 mins before sending to oven.
3) Temp cannot go beyond 150C during baking.
4) Not necessary to use aged egg white
No Harm to try this recipe as it only uses ½ cup of grounded almond powder
You may go YouTube to search for this video. Earl grey tea Macarons with honey buttercream filling by yoyomax12.

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