Wednesday 14 August 2013

Laksa by Gene Sim

Chilli blend made from Onions, Garlic, fresh and dried chilli, candlenut (buah keras) and belacan.
Lemongrass (2 sticks cut into 3s and pound them using chopper handle to release fragrance)
50g Dried Shrimps blended finely (Hae Bee)
Coconut milk (I used 1 packet of Kara )
1 packet of Laksa noodles
Tau Pok (I omited since we don't like)
Hard boiled Eggs
Fish cake (any pattern you like , mine had some chilli in them)
Any other ingredients you would like to go into your Laksa

1. Heat the wok with some oil and fry the lemongrass in it till fragrant.
2. Add the Chilli Blend and fry together till all fragrant .
3. Add in the blended dried shrimp and fry till all well mix. You may want to add a little bit of water to help mixing well.
4. Add in the coconut milk and then water.
5. Let the laksa soup simmer and boil till all the sweetness is released from the dried shrimp and add water to get the consistency you prefer .When you are about to serve it, boil the rice noodles in a pot of water. Then, boil your laksa sauce and add in the ingredients that you want in your laksa. Remember to remove the lemongrass once you have reached the level of fragrance cos further cooking will make the flavour too strong.

Enjoy !

Chilli Blend
10-12 pcs candlenut (remember to soak first)
250g Fresh red chilli
250g Dried red chilli (well you can use fresh chilli too . The only difference is that dried chilli gives better red colour than fresh and is hotter)
250g shallots
125g garlic
1 cm block of Blacan (this one really argaration and depending on individual's preference)
1. Blend everything except Blacan in a blender and set aside.
2. Heat the wok and add some oil, once hot enough , add the blacan and use your wooden spoon or spatula to mash into the oil .
3. Once fragrant, add the chilli blend and keep stir frying until you get a paste like mixture. (ie water  evaporated)
4. Cool down and pack into smaller containers for freezing or immediate consumption

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