Monday 19 August 2013

Simple BM Instructions by Gene Sim

Condensed milk yogurt cranberry loaf

1. All the ingredients measured n laid out.
2. All into tin except flour , yeast n cranberries.
3. Flour in.
4. Dig a hole in the flour. Make sure you dun dig through to the liquid layer.
5. Add the yeast into the hole.
6. Bury the yeast.
7. Put tin into bm and set the function to sweet bread , crust n weight .
8. Let the kneading start n only cranberry is left.
9. Beep sound n then add the cranberries.
10. How the kneaded dough looks at exactly just finished kneading. Ie 30 mins
11. How dough looks like just b4 baking stage.
12. End product.

30g condensed milk
100g milk
50g yogurt
37g egg
20g sugar
3g salt
28g unsalted butter
4g instant yeast
280g bread flour
90g cranberries

Note :
Pics 1 to 3 show the ingredients being put into BM by way of exclusion. If you dun see the ingredient in the pic, it means that it has been put into the tin.
Pics 4 to 6 is showing what I mean by "burying" the yeast.
The rest are pretty self explanatory.
Hope this helps !

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