Wednesday 22 May 2013

Kenwood BM 250/450 User Manual + Tips


Button 1 >>>- Weight
Button 2 >>> Functions 1 - 11
Button 3 >>> START Button
Button 4 >>> Loaf Colour (Medium is most commonly used)

Button 5 >>> Rapid Bake Button (DO NOT USE THIS FUNCTION!)
(I'd suggest that you use a sticker to paste over it or something)

Total Flour:
250-300g flour >>> choose 500g loaf
350-400g flour >>> choose 750g loaf
450-500g flour >>> choose 1kg loaf

The Time routine for bread loaf
Duration: 3 hour 18 minutes
1. at 3.12 stop
2. at 3.08 add salt & butter just when it starts to knead again
3. at 2.56 beep while kneading, add ingredients
4. at 2.48 stop for proof
5. at 2.09 knead for few seconds
6. at 1.43 knead for few seconds
7. at 1.15 put toppings during final stage of proofing
8. at 0.54 baking

For shaped bread
Function 8 (Function 10 for BM450 model): 1 hour 30 minutes
1. at 1.25 stop
2. at 1.20 - add salt & butter when it starts to knead again
3. at 1.00 proofing

Once done, take out the dough from BM, press it gently to allow air to escape. Roll & divide the dough into 3 balls and allow it to proof for another 15mins. Then divide into smaller doughs of 50g each, add filling, make shapes, egg wash and proof another 1 hour before baking for 15-20mins at 170 degree until top turns brown. (timing depends on your oven, thus watch the colour of your buns too)

NOTE:  Yeast is very sensitive, thus handle it with care. Ensure open bottle of Yeast must be kept in the fridge after used. Ensure not expired and avoid yeast touching any ingredients except flour, especially no water and salt.

We can choose to remove the kneader in the BM if we do not want it to be stuck in the baked loaf which will cause a big hole on the bottom and/or risking slicing the kneader. It is also helpful to have it removed if you are giving the loaf unsliced to family or friends.

Basically, you may open the BM cover, use a chopstick or spatula to lift up the dough and remove the kneader. This should be done after the kneading and before the first proof.

The exact timing as below:

For Program 1- Basic:
500g - 2.43
750g - 2.48
For Program 4 - Sweet (Program 6 for BM450):
500g - 2.47
750g - 2.52


  1. Hi there, I love the suggestion to take the kneader out of the bread before baking starts - What a great tip! We bake only wholemeal bread using programme 3, would this still work and at what time would you whip out the paddle?
    Many thanks, Josie

  2. Culinary Kitchenette: Kenwood Bm 250/450 User Manual + Tips >>>>> Download Now

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    Culinary Kitchenette: Kenwood Bm 250/450 User Manual + Tips >>>>> Download LINK

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    Culinary Kitchenette: Kenwood Bm 250/450 User Manual + Tips >>>>> Download Full

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  3. this is REALLY helpful information. you would think the user manual would have all these. big thanks!!