Friday, 17 May 2013

Choux Puffs with Pearl Sugar by Sharron Wee

Choux Puffs with Pearl Sugar ( recipe adapted from Okashi Recipe Book )

( makes about 15 pcs)

Top flour 75g
Water 75g
Fresh Milk 50g
Unsalted Butter 50g, cut into small cubes
Salt 1/2 tsp
Sugar 1 tsp
2 medium size eggs


Preheat Oven to 200deg

Line Baking tray with parchment paper

Sift flour once

In a small sauce pan, combine water, milk, sugar, salt and butter. Bring to a boil over medium heat. Immediately remove from heat.

Using a wooden spoon, quickly stir in flour until combined and mixture comes together in a ball. Return to heat and cook. Stir constantly until mixture leaves the side of the saucepan.

Add eggs one at a time, beating with the wooden spoon until eggs are fully incorporated before adding the next.

Test if the batter is ready by scooping it up using the wooden spoon. Batter should hang down and form a smooth triangular (V) shape. If it doesn't hang, the batter needs another egg but do add half portion of the egg mixture at a time.

Pour batter into piping bag fitted with a 1cm star piping tip. Pipe out 5cm circles onto baking tray and gently smoothen pointed peaks.

Bake for 20 mins at 200 deg then reduce heat to 180deg and continue when baking for another 20 mins.

NOTE : To ensure choux pastry rises, the dough has to be stretchy and glue like. Ensure milk and water mixture is boiling hot before adding the flour. Dough should look glossy and not be too runny.

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