Friday 17 May 2013

Chocolate Marble Rice Loaf by Vanessa Tay

Chocolate Marble Rice Loaf


Make a 500g loaf


Cold cooked rice - 150g

Bread Flour - 200g

Caster Sugar - 25g

Salt - 3g

Milk Powder - 30g

Egg (beaten) - 25g (about half an egg)

Water - 75ml

Instant Yeast - 4g


Cocoa Powder - 12g

Egg - for egg wash


1. Add the ingredients (except for ingredients in B) as you would for your bread-maker. Knead the dough accordingly.

2. After first proof (approx. 1 hour), take out the dough and rolled into a 25cm by 25cm square. Apply thin layer of egg and sprinkle in alternate rows the cocoa powder.

3. Roll up the dough and form a U-shaped. With the arch on top, place the rolled dough back into the breadmaker pan. Continue as per normal bread-making process.

4. Remove the bread when it is baked and let it cool on a rack completely.

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