Wednesday 14 August 2013

La-pe-do by William Woo

La-pe-do by William Woo


Bread flour - 500 g
Salt - 8 g
Sugar - 80 g
I.yeast - 8 g
Milk powder - 25 g
Butter - 25 g
UHT dairy cream - 150 g
Water - 150 g

Mix all well until passed window gluten test.
Rest dough for 30 mins.
Divide dough to 10 g each n shape round.
Further rest dough 15 mins.
Final shape dough to round and proof until almost double in size
Pipe toppings to cover whole surface of proof bun.
Bake at 180C for 12-15mins.
Allow baked bun to cool down for about 20 mins b4 piping pastry cream into the bun.
Chill bun for min 45 mins b4 serving.

Topping Recipe:

Vanilla/coffee topping mix - 250 g,
egg lightly beaten - 80 g,
melted butter -20g
Mix all well n rest for 5 mins b4 use.

Pastry Cream Fillings:

Non dairy cream - 100 g
Runny Honey - 20 g
Whisk cream until medium stiffness.
Add honey and mix well.
Keep on chiller until ready to use.
Happy baking!!

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  1. This need to be noted that it needed premix that is not widely available for it to be a successful bake.