Tuesday 16 July 2013

Kueh Dadar by RoslynTan

Ingredient for the Filling

- 200g Grated Coconut
- 80g Gula Melaka
- 1/3 tsp Salt
- 2 Pandan Leaves
- 40ml Water
- 1 tbsp Glutinous Rice Flour

1) Heat Gula Melaka, water and pandan leaves in a pan, till sugar dissolved.
2) Then add in grated coconut and salt, mix well.
3) Lastly, add in the glutinous rice flour, mix everything well till all incorporated.

Ingredient for  Batter

- 180g Plain Flour
- 2 Eggs
- 1/2 Salt
- 2 tbsp Pandan Juice ( 1-2 drops of Pandan paste)
- 250ml Water
- 100ml Coconut Milk

1) Mix all ingredients in a bowl, sift and leave aside for 30 mins.
2) Heat a non-stick pan over medium fire, add 1 tsp oil and wipe off excess with paper napkin.
3) Pour just enough batter thinly cover the base of pan, swirl the pan.
4) Turn over the pancake after a min, remove onto a plate to cool.
5) Roll up the kueh dadar and enjoy!

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