Saturday 6 July 2013

酸菜 By Angeline Goh

酸菜 By Angeline Goh
a bunch of leafy type of giam chye
10 cloves of garlic(minced)
3 chilli padi(slice off top)
150grm of pork belly /roasted pork (sliced small)
1 cup chicken stock/chicken powder with water
4 cubes of rock sugar

●boil whole giam chye in a big pot of water for 15-20 min...try a small piece of it for e saltiness you can accept,cut into small cube sizes and rinse
●fry garlic with some oil till fragrance,add in the pork then followed by giam chye stir fry
●add in stock ,rock sugar and chilli and braised with low fire for 20 min

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