Monday 1 July 2013

Corn & Ham Buns by Neo LH

Recipe adapted from Yvonne C 65c 汤种面包. Shaping of bun and filling adapted from 石师傅的面包教室

Tang zhong
250g water
50g bread flour

Mix and boil till thicken. Cling wrap and keep cool. ( I keep in the fridge and used only the next day) Any balance of this starter dough can keep up to 2-3 days.

Main dough
195g bread flour
90g cake flour
6g instant yeast
6g salt
30g fine sugar
12g milk powder
60g egg
65g water
75g of tang zhong starter dough
45g unsalted butter

1) Mix all ingredient except butter. 2)Once dough form add butter.
3) First proofing @ 45-60mins or till dough double it's size
4) punched the air out and divide @60g per bun
5) see pic for shaping u need abt 9pcs of ham for the filling.
6) 2nd proofing @ 40mins meanwhile prepare top filling
7) egg wash put on top filling and slice of cheese and bake at 170c for @ 15mins

Top Filling
180g can corn drained
60g shredded ham
60g diced onion
20g mayo
Some black pepper
Mix all the above and set aside

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