Monday, 1 July 2013

Airfryer Baked Mini Zebra Butter Cake by Tiffany Koong

Airfryer Baked Mini Zebra Butter Cake by Tiffany Koong

115g butter (i used Golden Churn canned type butter)
2 eggs(100g)
100g castor sugar
100g self raising flour, sifted
30ml milk
1tsp vanilla paste or vanilla essence
1 tbsp of cocoa powder

1) Preheat airfryer at 160deg. Line the 6" baking tin base and grease the side of the tin
2) Beat butter and sugar in mixer till fluffy
3) Add eggs one at a time then add vanilla paste and milk. Mix well in mixer
4) Add sifted flour and mix till incorporated
5) Scoop half batter out and set aside
6) Add cocoa powder to the batter in mixer and mix well
7) Scoop 2tbsp of the plain batter on centre of baking tin. Then scoop 2tbsp of choco batter on the centre of the plain batter in the baking tin. Keep scooping by alternating the both batter till finish. After every scoop of batter into the tin, try to bang the tin to let batter spread out.
8)Place baking tin in airfryer and bake at 160deg for 30min or till skewer come out clean


  1. This looks delicious - as a New Yorker and active volunteer with the Red Cross helping Hurricane Sandy victims, I am so thankful you participated in this event :) the outpouring of love is wonderful! happycookerz

  2. I am extremely impressed with the results I got using the Oil-less air fryer from Bizarkdeal! I was not sure what to expect to be honest as I was skeptical of how this would actually work. To my surprise, it works amazingly!! It fried my chicken to be crispy and moist as if I fried it in a pan of oil except without the use of ANY oil! Never knew this was possible and glad that I found this and decided to try it out. Excited to try many different types of food with it!