Tuesday 30 July 2013

BoboChacha by Ivy Ong



4 nos. of Small Sweet Potatoes (2 Orange and 2 Yellow)
½ of the Yam
4pcs Pandan leaves (Cut into 3 pcs each)
1.5 packs of small Thick Coconut milk
1 pack of Crystal Cube


- Cut all the sweet potatoes and yam into the shape u want.
- Cook 4 bowls of water with pandan leaves and all the sweet potatoes and yam together for 15 to 20
mins till soft.
- Meanwhile boil the crystal cube till all float up and make sure is soft, pour away the hot water and
soak the crystal in water till your sweet potatoes soup base is ready.
- Once the sweet potatoes etc are soft add in the coconut milk and sugar as your sweet like and also
the crystal cube till it boil. (I added in more coconut milk as I prefer the thick coconut taste)

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