Friday 26 July 2013

Stuffed Squid with Minced Meat By Sharron Wee

Stuffed Squid with minced meat


10 medium size squid ( washed and deskinned)
200g mince meat ( either chicken or pork)
a whole clove of garlic,  chopped finely
5 waterchestnut, chopped coarsely
10 medium size prawns,( minced)
1 tsp cornflour
1 egg
salt & pepper
few stalks of spring onion and coriander


. Remove the head and tentacles from the squid. Slit a tiny hole near the end of the squid.
Wash and pat dry.
. Mix the minced meat, prawns, water chestnuts, chopped garlic, cornflour, egg white, salt & pepper together and set aside
. Stuff the mince meat mixture into the squid ( you may like to secure the opening with toothpick to prevent the meat from oozing out)
. Place squid neatly in a plate and steam it for abt 8 mins over medium heat
. Add spring onions and coriander before serve.

NOTE The squid is actually more flavourful with the skin on and the broth will turn slightly purple = )

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