Tuesday 30 July 2013

Banana Chiffon Cupcakes by Sally Toh

Banana Chiffon Cupcakes


6 large egg yolks
35g brown sugar (caster sugar is fine too)
60ml canola oil
200g banana puree (used very ripe bananas)
1 tbsp milk
120g cake flour

6 large egg whites
40g sugar


 1) In a bowl, manually whisk yolks and sugar till pale and fluffy.

2) Add oil and whisk till combined.
3) Add banana puree and milk, mix well.
4) Sieve in flour and mix till incorporated.
5) In a separate bowl, whisk egg whites and add sugar gradually. Whisk till stiff peak.
6) Fold in 1/3 of the egg white to the yolk mixture, then pour the mixture to the remaining whites. Fold till just incorporated.
7) Scoop batter into paper cups (I used an ice cream scoop and scoop in about 2 ¼ into each cup. I get about 20 cups. I find that if I scoop more, the chiffon cake will ‘erupt’.)

8) Bake in preheated oven at 170C for ~20 mins. (Baking time and temperature subject to individual oven. I switched to lower heating only for the last couple of mins.)

You can also bake in a chiffon pan at 170C for ~40 mins.

Source: http://angelcookbakelove.blogspot.sg/2010/09/banana-chiffon-cake.html

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