Tuesday 30 July 2013

Chocolate Macarons by Cindy Koh

Chocolate Macarons

Ingredients and method for macarons:

100g icing sugar
55g ground almonds (extra fine)
10g alkalized cocoa powder (phoon huat) If you want plain, just use 10g ground almond to replace and add colouring.
50g egg whites (separate from egg yolk and keep in fridge w/o tight close for 3 days before use)
15g sugar
4g egg white powder

- sieve icing sugar, almonds and cocoa powder.
- whisk egg whites, egg white powder and sugar till firm peak. This will be the meringue.
- fold dry ingredients gradually into meringue.
- Pipe to about 3-4 cm in diameter. Tap tray to flatten macaron batter.
- Leave macaron batter to crust/dry ( about an hour in cool area)
- bake 150 degree C for 1st 6 min till a feet forms. Open the oven door to release the steam.
- continue to bake further 6 min till the top is crops and hard.
- cool and sandwich with the fillings.

Ingredients and method for custard and filling:

Mango custard
20g passion fruits puree + 30g mango puree
20g yolk
50g egg
50g sugar
3g custard powder
40g butter

- add dry ingredients into pan with puree and eggs. Bring to boil, stirring continuously.
- turn off fire and add butter. Whisk till even.
- chill before use.

Passion Chocolate filling
240g milk converters callers, 35% cocoa
93g passion fruits puree
12g corn syrup/glucose
28g butter (soft)

- boil puree with corn syrup.
- pour over chocolates. Stir to melt.
- allow the above to cool to 35 degrees and add soft butter.

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