Saturday 3 August 2013

Easy to prepare Sour & Spicy Glass Noodles with seafood salad by Sharon Lam

The following salad should be enough for 10 pax.


(A) Medium size Prawns x 3 packets ( total approx 30-40 pcs)
Big size Squid x 3
* I bought (A) from Giant
(B) 1 can Hosen stems & pieces mushroom
10-20 small shallots(remove skin & slice) or can substitute to big onions with red skin
10 stalks chilli padi & slice
(C) 40-50 small lime & squeeze out the juice and discard the seeds
8 pieces of Knor brand Tom Yam cubes or Maggie Tom Yam paste.
(D) 8 individual packets of Dang Hoon (Choose the type for salad use.)
* (B/C/D) can be bought at Sheng Siong

Cook (A) until well cooked. Remove prawns shells and cut into half & remove the black stuff. Removed squid skin and internal stuff and cut into strips.

Pour hot water into (D) until it turn soft. Drain away hot water and rinse with tap water. Drain excess water  completely and place on serving plate and keep in fridge before serve.

For (C), Mash the Tom yam cubes and mix well with the lime juice.

Lastly, place all (A) & (B) on top of (D) & pour (C) over and mix well. Ready to be serve!!!

PS: It will be super delicious if eaten cold. If you like more of a sour and spicy taste, just increase the lime juice and chilli padi. I didn't manage to get the Maggie brand Tom yam paste but taste still as nice using cubes. ENJOY!!! :D

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