Thursday 8 August 2013

Carrot Cake by Alvin Lim

700g white radish (skinned)
Rice flour 150 g
Corn starch 50 g
Water 150 g
Sugar 25 g
Dried shrimp 25 g
Dried scallops 20 g
Chinese sausage 75 g
Salt, pepper, chicken stock, shallot oil to taste

1) Mix rice flour, corn starch and water, set aside.
2) Soak dried scallops and shrimp. Shred scallops after it soften
3) Pan fry dried shrimp, dried scallops and Chinese sausage. Set aside.
4) Cook radish with sugar till it is just cook through.
5) Add the rice flour/corn starch mixture into the cooked radish in 3 to 4 batches.
6) Add the fried shrimp/scallop/sausage and season to taste.
7) Pour mixture into an appropriate container and steam for 45 mins.
8) Cool before cutting and pan frying.

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