Tuesday 25 June 2013

Meat Paste & Chilli Blend by Gene Sim

Meat Paste

2-3 tbsp chilli blend (see below)
2 tbsp fermented beans mashed into paste (I used miso to replace)
5-6 chinese mushrooms soaked and then cut into small cubes
10-12 shallots sliced
2 packs minced pork (bought from NTUC )

1. Mix the chiili blend with the minced pork and add a pinch of salt if your blend doesn't have salt. Leave for about 15 mins at least.
2. Heat some oil in the wok and then add the shallots and shortly after the mushrooms , stir till fragrant.
2. Add the fermented bean paste (miso) and add a tbsp of water so that all can mix well . Add more water where necessary.
3. Add the minced pork and keep stirring and breaking up into small pieces .
4. Stir fry till it's dry (which is why we don't add a lot of water or have to stir fry very long to evaporate the water)
5. Serve on rice or toast and enjoy !

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