Tuesday 11 June 2013

Rainbow Layered Agar Agar by Sandra Kwan

Rainbow Layered Agar Agar

Serves 26-28pcs (Jelly mould)

The Transparent Layer:
8g agar-agar powder
800ml water
180-200g sugar (your choice)
Food colorings-Red, yellow, green, blue & purple or your preference

The Coconut Milk Layer:
2g agar agar powder
100ml water
100ml coconut milk
40-60g sugar (your choice)
One drop pandan flavour
A pinch of salt


1. Boil agar agar, sugar and water for the transparent layer till dissolved. Scoop up 260ml of
cooked agar agar in a separate bowl, add the food colouring (Layer 1). Divide into above 5
portion and mix thoroughly.

2. The balance of 540ml of cooked agar agar, leave the colourings later (Layer 3). Leave it
on the stove but have to be the lowest heat.

3. Boil the agar agar, sugar and water for the coconut milk layer till dissolved, then add in
coconut milk and salt (Layer 2). Stir and bring to a final boil and switch off the fire.


1. Layer 1-pour 1 1/4tbsp transparent agar agar color into jelly mould.
Leave it to harden slightly (not too hard if not the agar agar will not stick together. If too
hard, just use a fork to lightly scratch the surface before adding the next layer.)

2. Layer 2-pour 1tbsp of the coconut milk agar agar. Leave to harden slightly before adding
the last layer.

3. Layer 3-pour 2 3/4tbsp of transparent agar agar color.

4. Let agar agar cool down, chill in the fridge before serve.

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