Tuesday 4 June 2013

Kueh Lopez by Happycraftstore

Kueh Lopez



. 300g glutinous rice
. Pinch of salt
. 1 tsp alkaline water
. Toothpick or raffia string
. Grated coconut
. Banana leaves


. Soak glutinous rice with alkaline water overnight, rinse and drain.
. Prepare banana leaves, tear them into 4x12 inches strips. Soften the leaves by scalding/dipping in hot water.
. Fold the banana leaves into cone, filled 2 dessert spoon of glutinous rice and fold into triangular shape.
. Use raffia string or toothpick to secure it.
. Bring to boil fully submerged for 1.5 hours.
. In another pot, steam grated coconut with a pinch of salt and let it cool.
. Once glutinous rice cooked, drain and discard banana leaves and let it cool.
. Roll into steam coconut and serve with palm suger/gula melaka syrup.

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