Sunday 9 June 2013

Kimchi by Vivian Wee

1 whole cabbage (abt 1.6 kg)
A few pcs of garlic
A few slices of ginger
1 big onion
1 to 2 apple or pear
Spring onion
Carrot (cut to strips)
Chilli powder(buy fm Korean shop) put to yr own spicy level

1. Cut cabbage into half. Season every leaf w salt n leave aside for 3 to 4 hrs.
Wash away the salt in running water a few times. Slice them n squeeze out water. Leave aside.
2.Grind garlic, ginger, onion n apple together till fine.
 3. Cook some starch w water till thickened. leave to cool.
4. Mix grinded ingredients, starch water n chilli powder tog. Add some fish sauce to taste n then the cabbage, spring onion n carrot.
5. Put into container n cover. Leave at room temp to ferment for 12 to 20 hrs. Then refrigerate.

Note: With a chilli base used, you may like to experiment w other veg like Ku Cai, radish....

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