Friday 21 June 2013

Ngoh Hiang by Nina Resis

My Mum’s Ngoh Hiang Recipe

Ingredients :
 1 kg pork (diced - small; gd ratio of fatty : lean portion)
 1 kg prawn (diced - small; sweet small black prawns)
 800g water chestnut (diced)
 2 purple onions (diced)
 200g yam (diced)

 2 eggs (reserve some white for sealing ngoh hiang parcel)
 2 tbsp sesame oil

 2 tbsp corn starch
 1 tsp white pepper (optional, but I included)
 ½ tsp 5-spice powder (I excluded)
 10 wheat crackers (finely crushed)
 2 large tofu sheets (MUST wipe with damp cloth to remove excess saltiness)

Method :
 1. Dice and mix (A) till combine.
 2. Add in (B), followed by (C)…blend well.
 3. After cleaning tofu sheets, cut to desirable size (I tried both, the regular sausage size, and airfryer/HCP size).
 4. Spoon mixture onto sheets and wrap.  Seal ends with egg white.
 5. Steam regular sized ngoh hiang for 5-8 min on high heat, let cool, store.  I didn’t  steam the smaller ones, I store them in the freezer and pan-fried or airfried them when required.

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