Tuesday 11 June 2013

Purple Sweet Potato Bread Buns by Nina Resis

Purple Sweet Potato Bread Buns

Ingredients :

Bread flour 250g (I sneaked in 30g wholemeal flour)

Purple mashed steamed sweet potato 150g (I sieved to get rid of tough fibers)

Sugar 30g (I sub with 10g + 20g honey)

Milk 170g (largely depending on flour absorption, for mine...I used 170g)

Yeast 3g

Butter 30g (I used unsalted)

(I addedd 4g salt, not in recipe)

(I milk-washed n sprinkled chia seeds then wash again to make them stick)

Method :

Straight dough method, 2 rises, bake @ 180 degC for 45min.

1) Add in ingredients according to your Breadmachine or mixer’s procedure. For my Zoji mini, I added in milk, mashed potato, honey, then, flour, sugar, salt, yeast.

2) Knead for 8 mins, add in butter, continue to knead for another 8 mins in machine. Take out and knead by hand for a further 10min or so till “window pane” stage.

3) Oil bowl with butter and let dough proof for 60 min or double in size.

4) Weigh and divide dough to desirable size, I divided mine into 12 balls of 53g each. Shape and let proof in baking pan/dish for another 50-60min.

5) Brush dough top with milk, sprinkle with chia seeds or sesame seeds (or without any), brush again to staple seeds onto buns.

6) Bake at 180degC for 45 mins.

7) Unmold and let cool.  Store.

Recipe adapted from xiaohomemade.blogspot.com

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