Tuesday 18 March 2014

Potato Soup by Lily Chua





















Potato Soup – serves 2 large soup cups

Peel 2 large russet potatoes n cut into even slices not too thick.

Slice one onion. 

Cut some brown mushrooms. 

Boil about 2 cups of water. 

Fry n chop some back bacon. 

Cut up spring onions. 

Brown butter 40gm slightly n add in the onions. Fry till a bit soft. 

Add on the mushroom n potato slices n fry till a bit translucent. 

Throw in a tablespoon of flour n stir fry.

 Add in 2 cups of boiling water n sprinkle some salt n dried parsley n black pepper.

Boil about 5 minutes add in 1/2 cup milk n boil about 20 minutes. 

Use your wooden spoon to break the potatoes a bit. 

Add in some grated cheese n stir. 

Serve with chopped bacon n spring onions.

You can add additional ingredients like carrots and celery and peas etc.

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