Thursday 24 April 2014

Mango Strudel by Tiffany Koong

Custard Recipe previously shared by Angelin Goh

220ml milk
1tbsp all purpose flour, sifted together with corn flour
1tbsp corn flour
35g sugar
2.5 egg yolk
Few drop of vanilla essence
1tbsp condense milk

Warm the milk over double boiler till hot,gradually add flour n sugar and whisk well continuosly
Add in egg yolk gradually,keep whisking
Add essence n condense milk
Remove from heat when mixture thickens and put bowl over a bowl of ice water to maintain the custard in smooth texture.
Little of butter may be added if u like glossy sheen on custard.

Prepare ur brand of instant puff pastry as indicated on package.
Spread custard n cut fruits up to three layers ,sprinkle with icing sugar on top
Note: i use pampas puff pastry sheet

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