Wednesday 16 April 2014

Hainanese Coconut Kueh by Victoria Moon Kua

Recipe Link琼海人气小吃-海南薏粿-椰子粿

Ingredients AGula Melaka : 125g
Water : 25g
Pandan leaf :4 pcs
Ginger :1 pc (smashed )

Ingredients BGrated white coconut : 200g

Ingredients CFried Grounded peanuts :50g
Fried white sesame seeds : 25g

Ingredients DPlain flour :1 tbsp

Ingredients AGlutinous rice flour :300g (sifted)

Ingredients B (mixed)Coconut milk / water :280g
Sugar : 80g
Salt  1/4 tsp

Ingredients CCorn oil  : 45g
* Corn oil : 30g (For glazing )

First, prepare filling by cooking Ingredients A over low flame till Gula Melaka melted. Stir constantly
- Add Ingredients B, fry till fragrant and dry
- Mix Ingredients C and stir fry till well combined
- Add plain flour and mix well, dish up, and set aside for later use
– proceed to prepare skin - Place glutinous rice flour into a mixing bowl
- Slowly add in Ingredients B and mix well
- Add in corn oil and mix to form a soft and smooth dough
- Cover with cloth and rest for 20 min
- Divide dough into 30g each
- Wrap in fillings, shape round and put into pre-prepared pandan leaf box or banana leaf. Flatten slightly
- Arrange on a steamer and steam over medium flame for 10 min
- Remove from steamer and brush with corn oil while it’s still hot

Personal Notes:
I used coconut oil throughout the recipe and used 45g sugar for the skin
- do flour hands and bench top when attempting to wrap filling and shape into balls. it makes the dough easier to manage
- each of my dough weighs 30g and i steamed them for 7 mins, and kept it inside the steamer for 3 mins before removing them. do cover the steamer lid with a cloth before steaming. i first boiled the water over high heat, and then turned to medium-low during steaming
- if you want to use a chop, allow the kueh to cool and “dry” slightly before applying chop. brush chop with some red liquid (red food colouring mixed with water) then chop lightly. i felt that brushing vs dipping into liquid yielded a nicer stamp effect (and it took me many kuehs before i got a nice stamp (⊙﹏⊙✿))
- i used my newly acquired mould for some of the kueh – if you intend to do this, please ensure you have a “drier” dough for otherwise, everything will stick to the mould

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