Sunday 24 November 2013

Matcha Green Tea Mousse Cake by Amanda Tay

250g sponge mix flour
200g eggs
50ml water
50ml cooking oil
1tsp green tea powder
Mousse: 2tsp green tea powder
100ml water
50g sugar
17g sugar syrup
15g gelatine powder
135ml whipping cream
270ml fresh cream
100g Japanese red beans (cooked-free) 
Method for making Matcha Cake:
1. Beat sponge mix flour and eggs with low speed for 10 seconds.
2. Increase to high speed and beat until thick.
3. Gradually add in water, coffee emulco and continue beating until light.
4. Adjust to medium speed, beat for 3 mins.
5. Add oil slowly, mix with spatula until smooth.
6. Pour into 7" mould, bake in 190C upper heat, 170C lower heat oven for approx. 30 mins. (I set my oven to 180C for fan on). 
Method for making Mousse:
1. Boil water and sugar until sugar dissolves, cool slightly, add sugar syrup and green tea powder. Add oil slowly, mix with spatula until smooth.
2. Add hot water to gelatine, stir with spoon until gelatin dissolves, pour into (1).
3. Beat whipping cream and fress cream until thicken.
4. Mix (2) and (3). 
Method for making Mousse:
1. Remove crust from cake, cut into 3 slices. (I cut into 2 slices. Therefore, I have some red beans left.)
2. Place one slice of cake into 7" mousse ring, pour in green tea mousse and red beans.
3. Repeat same procedure until cake is completed. Decorate as desired.
4. Keep cake into fridge for 1 hour before serving.

Signature Cakes Recipes by Vincent Liew


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