Sunday, 24 November 2013

Kueh Lopes by Jane Goh

450 gms glutinous rice
2tbsp alkaline water
300 gms palm sugar
2 tbsp course sugar
150ml water
6 pandan leaves cut into pieces
450 gms white grated coconut
Pinch of salt
Banana leaves into 4x 8 inch pcs
Raffia strings

Makes about 30 pcs

1.  Wash glutinous rice till clear and drain.  Dilute alkaline water to about 2 litres water in a container and add glutinous rice. Ensure that rice is completely covered. Leave it for at least 4 hrs, best overnight. 
2.  Rinse rice, drain well. Leave aside for at least half hour.
3.  Scald the prepared banana leaves in hot boiling water. Soak for 5 mins to soften the leaves. 
4.  Take a pc of banana leaf, fold it to form a triangle pocket and put in about 1and half tbsp of rice.  Wrap it up to form the triangle package and use the raffia string to tie  it tightly. (Google you tube to see the wrapping demo).  Repeat for the rest.
5. Boil the wrapped packages in boiling water at high heat for 90 mins ensuring that water level is at least 5 cm above the packages at all times. 
6.  Remove to cool for at least 4 hours.
7.  Mix the salt with the grated coconut.  Place a few pcs of pandan leaves on it and steam the mixture for  5 mins.  Leave to cool.
8.  Grate palm sugar. Add water, sugar and pandan leaves and boil in sauce pan till sugar is dissolved to a thick syrup.
9.  To serve,  unwrap cooled packages of rice onto plate. Top with some grated coconut.   Pour syrup over it.  Enjoy!

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