Thursday, 11 September 2014

Chocolate Lava Cake by Rontree Chan



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Chocolate Lava Cake (6 pcs) using individual muffin tin 
Ingredients : 

125g unsalted butter 

125g dark chocolate semi-sweet or 70% 

2 nos eggs 

85g caster sugar 

60g plain flour 

1) double boil chocolate and butter on simmering water. 

2) after melted and mixed thoroughly, leave to cool 10mins 

3) whisk egg and sugar till light yellowish to incorporate air 

4) pour in chocolate mixure slowly to temper egg mixture, 

whisk at the same time. 

5) add in flour. 

6) brush tin with butter and lay baking paper at bottom. 

7) pour mixture in to tins 

8) bake 7.5mins in preheated oven on 240dc.

9) cool for 5 - 10 mins

10) pour it gently to your palm and transfer to baking dish to remove the baking paper.
11) serve while it still hot

Note : U may try baking one piece to check the oozy effect. Due to different oven may has
different characteristic, u may need to adjust the temperature and timing accordingly.

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