Wednesday 24 September 2014

Sweet & Crusty Milk Buns by Grace Chang


Milky cream
250g milk powder
200g icing sugar
A little salt
170g butter

800g high protein flour
30g   Milk powder
  6g    Instant dry yeast
20g    Sugar
15g     Salt
500ml  water
25g      Butter
1 egg, beaten


1) Milky cream:
    Combine milk powder, icing sugar , salt n mix well.
    Add in butter n rub until mixture forms fine crumbs.
    Transfer the mixture into a piping bag n set aside.

2) Dough:
    Put all ingredients ( except butter) into mixing bowl n mix into a dough.
    Add in butter n beat into a pliable n smooth dough . Cover with a piece of damp
     towel n rest for 25 mins.

3) Transfer the dough onto a work surface n punch out the air. Divide the dough into
     small portions, about 80g each. Round up, cover with wet towel n rest for 10
4) Roll out the dough n roll up into a log n place onto baking tray.
    Cut a slit on top n leave to proof until increased 60% it's original size.
    Brush with beaten egg n pipe topping mixture over it.
    Leave to proof until increase 20%.
5) Bake in a preheated oven at 180 deg C for 12-15 mins .

Note : The above is the exact recipe I copied out from a book..
I halved the recipe.. For those using kitchen aid machine, I recommend to divide it to a smaller amount cos I'm using a home commercial mixer at home .
My dough rested for 1 hr instead of 25mins.. N my dough was divided into 84-85 g each n I had 8 buns in total.. I did not place damp towel for proofing ..
The milky cream doesn't  form into a paste so it cannot be piped out so no need to place in piping bag.. I jus place it on to bread after it's brush with egg wash, lots of it !..

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