Saturday 22 March 2014

Seafood Cabbage Rolls by Sandra Kwan

Seafood Cabbage Rolls by Sandra Kwan

300g Fish paste
10pcs Prawn
10pcs Chinese cabbage leaves
20pcs Star shaped carrot (Used a star cutter)
100ml Swanson Chicken broth
Dash of salt

-Shell & devein prawns but retain the tails.
-Marinate the prawn with dash of salt and set aside.
-Place 10pcs cabbage leaves on a plate, steam the cabbage leaves until softened.
-Place 1pc leaf of cabbage flat on a plate. Spoon fish paste onto leaf and press evenly.
-Add 1pc prawn on the fish paste. Fold both side of leaf over the stuffing.
-Roll up the cabbage tightly and repeat the rest of the cabbages leaves.
-Place the seafood cabbage rolls, carrot stars and pour the chicken broth onto it.
-Steam in high heat for 4-5mins or until the prawn tail turn to red.
-Remove and transfer to serving plate.

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