Saturday 22 March 2014

Flaxseed Spinach Bread with Cheese By Grace Chang

Flaxseed Spinach Bread with Cheese By Grace Chang


600g Bread flour
8g. Yeast
8g. Bread improver
15 g. Milk powder
40g. Shortening / butter
10 g. Salt
125 g. UHT milk
125 ml. Water
1/2 no. Egg
20 g. Sugar
150 g. Fresh spinach ( blanch n chopped) -no need to buy English spinach
Buy fr the local ones with the sharp leaves ones n only use the
leaves ..
25 g. Flaxseeds
250g. Cheddar cheese ( Cheese can be purchased from Phoon Huat)

Pour the flour, yeast n bread improver into mixer, mix 1 min.

Add the flaxseeds, egg, water , milk powder ,milk n sugar , mix another 2 mins

Add the salt , shortening/butter n let it mix into a dough until smooth

Add the spinach leaves mix till non sticky

Roll it up and let it prove for 45 to 1 hr in a warm place till double .

Divide to required size n round it n leave let it sit for another 10 mins

Flatten the dough to a rectangle shape n place cheese on it n roll it up like Swiss roll but half way thru the roll, place more cheese n complete the roll.. Or
shape to your heart desire n place on a lightly grease tray n prove till double 45 to 1 hr

bake at 210deg ( individual oven is different - mine I use 190deg) for 15 mins
Mine I check after 10 mins n rotate cos my oven not even baking..

My loaf is divide into 180 g each n makes 6..


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