Wednesday 19 March 2014

Fried Tang Hoon by Grace Chang

Fried Tang Hoon by Grace Chang

Recipe is for 2 pax

Note: Purchase Tang hoon for frying , those for soup will not work for this as it will break easily n it will be a big Mess instead of strands like noodles..

Ingredients :
-Tang Hoon ( to be soak ahead for 1/2 hr or more with chicken broth)
- Chicken breast 1/2 ( slice and marinate with salt, pepper, sesame oil n cornflour -keeep aside)
- prawns ( up to individual )
-4 or 5 Shallots ( thinly slices)
-3 Garlic. ( chopped)
-5 Chinese mushrooms ( sliced)
- Phay Leng ( Chinese spinach)
- Tau gay
- salt , pepper, sesame oil, light sauce , dark sauce

-Fry the shallots till its soft then add the garlic n fry till fragrant add the Chinese mushrooms n stir thru and followed by the chicken then prawns .

-Add the well soaked tang hoon , the salt , pepper, light n dark sauce and give a quick stir .

-Add the veggie n let it soften n stir it up again .
(add some of the chicken broth fr the soaked tang hoon if it's getting dry)

-lastly drizzle the sesame oil n garnish to your preference ..

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