Monday 10 February 2014

Golden Pumpkin Balls by Angelin Goh

Golden Pumpkin Balls by Angelin Goh

350 g pumpkin (steam till soft)
350g~400g glutinous rice flour
100g sugar
年糕 (cut in small cubes)
Few tablespoons of rice flour on a plate to tap on the balls while rolling them.
Sesame seeds optional

Mash the pumpkin ,while warm add in sugar and glutinous rice flour till managable dough.

Wrap cubes of 年糕 in dough,tap on some rice flour while rolling 

Sesame seeds can be dip on(optional)

Heat oil with low fire ...fried the balls till light yellow brown constantly moving them as they tend to stick.
Then up the flame to medium low,once turn golden yellow can scoop up...

do not use medium then low fire,tis way the balls will absorb alot of oil.

Keep a lookout constantly as they browned quite fast...

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