Sunday 23 June 2013

Soya Milk Tofu Bread Loaf by Vanessa Tay

Soya Milk Tofu Bread Loaf


Bread Flour 375g
Instant Yeast 4g
Soya Milk 180g
Salt 5g
Sugar 30g
Silken Bean Curd 150g


1) Drain and let rest the tofu (beancurd) for 10min. After that measure the required quantity.

2) Bake as with normal bread-making procedure as per your breadmaker's instruction. I added the ingredients in this sequence: 1. Soya milk; 2. Silken bean curd; 3. Bread Flour; 4. Sugar; 5. Salt; 6. Yeast (in the middle of the flour, without letting it touch the wet ingredients)

3) Choose normal basic bread function and 750g weight.

Note: The recipe is adapted from the book “我爱面包机”. And all recipes in this book are using a Japanese breadmaker model which is vertical tall style. Hence your loaf will end up not tall if you are using the Kenwood brand (for example) though it is a 750g loaf.

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