Thursday 17 October 2013

Crockpot Chicken Farfalle by Joelle Lee - Teo

Crockpot Chicken Farfalle


500g Chicken Fillet
1 bottle Lawry's Garlic Herb Marinade with Lemon Juice

Place chicken in slow cooker.
Add marinade.
Add equal amount of water. (I "rinsed" the marinade bottle with water and used that.)
Cook for 2 hrs. Shred.

1 pack Farfalle (Bowtie pasta)
Sliced garlic
1 big Zucchini sliced
1 pack Cherry tomatoes
1 pack Swiss brown mushroom
100g shredded/grated Parmesan cheese


Cook and drain pasta.
Pan fry garlic till fragrant.
Add Zucchini. Fry till slightly soft.
Add shredded chicken with gravy & tomatoes.
Stir in cheese.
Pour in pasta and mushroom. Mix well.
Serve warm! Enjoy!

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