Tuesday 7 January 2014

Laksa Cookie by Rontree



Laksa Cookie

70g Softened salted butter
50g Icing sugar
3 Tbsp Peanut or Vegetable Oil
3 Tbsp Coconut Milk
3-4 Tbsp Laksa paste (Home made or store bought)
3 Tbsp Dried shrimp (soaked in water, drained and minced)
220g Multi purpose flour
30 pcs Dried shrimp (garnish)
10 pcs Laksa leaves (finely shredded for garnish)

1) Mix butter and icing sugar to pale yellow creamy form.
2) Add in oil, coconut milk, laksa paste and minced dried 
     shrimp and mix well.
3) Preheat oven at 170DC.
4) Sieve in flour to mixture and combine to dough form.
5) Divide dough to around 30 balls and flatten to cookie shape.
6) Place cookies on baking tray with laid baking sheet.
7) Top each cookie with a dried shrimp amd laksa leave
8) Bake in oven at middle rack for 18-20 mins.
9) cool it completely before storing in air tight jar.
Note : the spiciness of the cookie depends on the laksa paste used.
The flatter the cookie will be more cripsy.
You can also mix in chopped laksa leaves in the dough before baking,
to have extra laksa aroma and taste.

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