Tuesday 16 December 2014

Savoury Pancake Served with Creamy Mushroom by Ronnie Chan

Savoury Pancake Served with Creamy Mushroom

Creamy Mushroom 


2 nos Portobello Mushroom (Sliced abt 3-4mm thick) 

6 nos Brown button mushroom (Sliced abt 6-10mm thick) 

Half White Onion ( Sliced into strips) 

1 Tbsp Salted butter 

100ml Cooking cream or whipping cream 

Some Olive oil 

Some Freshly ground salt and black pepper 

1/2 pack or 1 handful of baby spinach (Optional) 


1. Heat the frying pan with butter in medium heat. 

2. Add in Onion and cook till soften. 

3. Add in 2 types of mushroom, drizzle some olive oil and add in salt 

and pepper. Cook till mushrooms have soften. 

4. add in Cream and continue saute for 1-2mins. 

5. Check the taste and add in more salt/pepper if require. 

6. Pour in the baby spinach and continue stir till the spinach is soft. 

7. Done. This can be served with Sourdough bread, rice and spaghetti. 

Note: This can be blended to mushroom soup without adding 

the spinach. All u need is to add some chicken stock and milk 

with the mixture (step 5) in the blender to blend it together.

Savoury spring onion and shallot pancake 


100g Cake flour 

1 Tbsp Baking powder 

1 Tbsp Corn flour 

1 Tsp Salt 

1 whole Egg (beaten) 

100ml Cold Milk 

1 Tbsp Melted salted butter 

4 Tbsp Chopped spring onion 

3 cloves Shallot sliced and lightly pan fried 


1. Sieve all flour, baking powder and corn flour. 

2. Add in beaten egg, milk, butter and salt. Whisk well to all combined. 

3. Add in 3 Tbsp of chopped spring onion and combine well. 

4. Heat up a non-stick pan in low heat. 

5. Pour in a little oil, using a kitchen towel to wipe off excess oil. 

6. lay some cooked shallot and left over spring onion in the 

centre of the pan. 

7. Scoop a ladle of pancake mixture over the shallots and spring onions. 

8. When the pan cake started to has bubble holes appeared on it's 

surface, check the underside of the pancake whether it has achieved to 

your prefered browning colour. Flip and cook the other side for another 

1-2 mins. Adjust the heat when necessary.

Note: add a little more flour if batter too wet. Or add a little 

more milk if batter too dry. 

Alternately, u can use Instant pancake mix. Just add Salt, Spring 

Onion and shallots.

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