Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Asparagus Prawn Sticks by Ronnie Chan

Asparagus Prawn Sticks

(Make 8 sticks)

8 nos
Thick Asparagus (cut off the bottom part and leave around 15cm long)
12 nos
Grey prawn (remove shell and devein)
2 Tbsp
Fish paste
3 Tbsp
Minced pork
1 Tbsp
Fish sauce
1 Tsp
broth powder
1 Tbsp
Salt and white Pepper
3 Tbsp
Spring Onion (white and green part finely chopped)
1. On a chopping board, lay a cling film to cover the prawns.
Smash and flatten the prawn with the back of a mini pot or
frying pan.
2. On the same chopping board, mix in fish and pork paste.
3. Using a chopper to chop and fold the mixture till well mixed.
4. Transfer to a mixing bowl, add in fish sauce, broth powder,
sugar, salt, pepper and spring onion.
5. After mixing the ingredients well combined. Use hand to
scoop up the mixture and throw back to the bowl (ard 20 times)
This method can helps the mixture become chewy after frying.
6. Grease some oil on your left hand palm. Using the left hand to
pinch out around 2-3 Tbsp of prawn mixture. With right hand
hold the asparagus, slowly wrap, turn and press the mixture
around the asparagus, exposing the asparagus tip.
7. Send to deep fry till golden brown. (I used a 20cm frying pan
with vegetable oil height around half the thickness of the prawn.
stick and fried for around 2 mins and turned it over for another
1-2 mins) lower the heat if too high.
8. This can be served with Thai chilli or Viet dipping sauce.

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