Tuesday 16 December 2014

Braised Pork Belly with Salted Fish Head by Ginny Chan

Braised Pork Belly with Salted Fish Head


1.7kg belly pork

450g ~ 500g salted Fishhead

120g old ginger, shredded 

5~6 cloves Garlics, crushed or chopped

2 tbsp Hua tiao wine

2 chilli padi, slit at the centre (optional)


1) Chop salted fishhead into chunks about 7cm size.

2) Soak in tap water for half an hour.

3) Rinse and clean the fishhead of scales. Wash under gills and remove anything that does not 

look like fishmeat to you.

4) Drain and soak in hot water for 15mins and remove any remaining scales. Dry with paper 

towels and set aside.

5) Cut belly pork into strips about 3cm wide and blanch in hot water for 5 mins. This is to 

remove any smell and also to make it easier to cut the pork neatly.

6) Cut pork into 1.5cm thick pieces and set aside.

7) Heat a wok and add a bit of oil and panfry the fishhead till fragrant and slightly brown. Dish 

up and set aside.

8) In the same pan, add the pork (discard any bloody water) and fry till slightly caramelized. 

Dish up and set aside. By now some oil will be rendered out of the pork belly. Leave oil in 

the wok.

9) Add ginger strips and fry till fragrant. Add garlics and fry till fragrant.

10) Return pork and fishhead to the pan and fry to mix well. If using chilli, you may add it now.

11) Drizzle huatiao from the side of the wok, fry a bit and add water to above the pork level and 

simmer, topping up the water till pork is tender and the skin and fats are melt-in-the mouth.

12) Adjusts seasonings if necessary. (use light soya sauce).


The completed dish should have a creamy gravy that has been thickened slightly by the 

collagen from the pork skin and fats.

500g of salted Fishhead is not too much!  By the time you clean and remove any scales and 

and other matters from underneath the gills and other parts of the head, the remaining fishhead 

would be just nice. Don't forget 3/4 of the 500gm is the bones.

Ginger is a critical ingredient in this recipe so the more the merrier.

The dish improves in taste the next day.

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