Sunday 22 September 2013

Prawn and Beancurd Balls by Lucy Tan

Prawn with Beancurd Balls
 (Makes 40)

400g Minced Pork 
200g Minced Prawns
 1 tube Tofu, mashed
 2 sprigs Spring Onion, thinly sliced 
6 Shallots, sliced 
5-8 Water Chestnuts, skinned and coarsely chopped 
1 Egg 
3 tbsp Corn Flour
 2 tbsp Flour
2 tbsp Oyster Sauce
 ½ tsp Pepper 
1 tbsp Light Soy Sauce


Combine all the ingredients, add seasoning and mix well. 
Heat oil in a wok for deep frying. 
Using a tablespoon, scoop the mixture and mould them into balls. 
Place them into medium hot oil and deep fry for about 5 mins, or until they turned golden brown.
 Remove, drain off excess oil and serve.

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