Friday 6 September 2013

Durian-misu by Angelin Goh

90ml coffee
90ml chocolate milk
75 ml Bailey
1 tsp vanilla paste

cocoa powder for dusting

600grm durian paste
250grm mascarpone
200ml thicken cream
60 grm sugar

Sponge cake
2 eggs  
70 g sugar
60g cake flour
pinch of baking powder
20grm melted butter
1tsp vanilla paste...

Add syrup ingredients together ,set aside....Whip up  thicken cream with sugar ,do not overbeat, add in mascarpone cheese and durian whip well...set in fridge before use...
Beat egg and sugar till ribbon stage,sieve flour n baking powder,add in flour by 3 times n fold in .Add in melted butter n vanilla paste,mix well ...careful not to deflate batter.
Bake in 170 c 20 min or till skew comes out clean...using 18cm pan
Cut cake into two slices ,brush syrup onto cake till moist,add on a thick layer of filling, dust cocoa powder on top ...repeat same step...and to coat the sides of cake with fillings too .

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